A WORD About DOMAIN Names…

A WORD About DOMAIN Names…What is a Domain Name?

Domain names commonly begin with the all familiar “www” (world wide web) and end with “.com”, although other endings are possible (.net -network, .org -non-profit organization, .gov -government agency etc.). Every domain name is unique – there are no two domain names exactly alike. They are registered in a master database and there are domain name resellers all over the world. Domain names range in price depending where you buy it but the average cost of a domain name is around $10 a year.

A Domain name is like a street address to your website. Those who type your domain name in the address window in their browser can instantly go to your website.

Choosing the Right Domain Name

Getting the right domain name is imperative. The biggest consideration should be that you should choose a domain name that contains a key word that relates to your business or organization. This can be a bit challenging because your first choice may already be taken. That’s why it’s good to jot down 8 or 10 ideas. Make sure your “domain name” is short and catchy. It should be easy to read when printed and it should also be easy to remember when seen in an advertisement.

For example, www.myphotowebsiteisreallyhot.com is NOT a good choice! The domain name www.fotoman.com is much better. If you string together more than one word, it is good to capitalize the first letter of every word when you print it in advertisements. For example, this looks jumbled together


but this is easier to read:


Check to See if Your Domain Name is Available

If you’d like to buy a domain name or just check to see if a domain name is available, our recommended registrar is Enom.com. You’ll find domain lookup information at the bottom middle of their page.

Click Here if you’d like to check for a domain name