I Want a Website Where do I Start?!

Whether you’re part of a large corporation or the owner of a small start up business there are practical things you can do to begin the webpage process.

“But I’m not Computer Savvy!”

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used a computer before! WebLadyBug will make this an easy process for you no matter what your technical background is. Before you get started, if you are able, you may wish to look at other websites in order to get an idea of what styles and color combinations you like.

Ask yourself the following questions (and remember, if you can’t answer any of the following questions, it’s OK! We’ll help you all the way):

What’s Your Preference? Questions to help you define your website…

Do you like a page that is left justified where the body of the page remains on the left side in your browser as you open it wide?
Do you like a page that centers in your browser?
Do you like a website that has fixed dimensions i.e. where the entire page falls within the dimensions of a small fixed rectangle (where you have to click on a ‘more’ button to see more content?
Or do you like a page that scrolls up and down?
Do you like bright colors? Do you like muted colors?
Do you want a professional look? A high tech look? A playful look?
Do you like to see the menu navigation on the left? or on the top?
Do you like drop down menus?
Who is Your Target Audience?

With your target audience in mind, think about what information is most important to have on your website.

Is your target audience male, female or both?
How old are they?
Think about colors, content, a logo, and photographs that you would like to include.

Do you have a logo? Do you have that logo in electronic format on a disk?
Do you have special art work?
Would you be willing to spend extra money on nice stock photos?
If so, what’s your budget for extra photos? $20, $40, $60 … $400?
If you can’t answer any of the above questions, don’t worry. We will help you through the entire process.

Organizing Your Content

The tone of your content should be more casual and less formal than other printed material. Write your content as if you were writing a personal letter to a friend.

Don’t get too “wordy”. The internet is quite different from any other form of media. People who “surf” the internet generally “scan” for information and don’t really read each page word for word.

You should think about the major points you would like to share with your audience. Break those major components up into separate “pages” with logical page titles. If you were a musician for example you might have the following pages:

About the Band
Tour Dates
News Releases
Fan Club
Buy Records
Contact and Quote

To contact WebLadyBug about your website you can either contact us online or by telephone 954-323-6737, so that we can discuss the ideas you have about how you would like your new website to look. At that time we can discuss hosting, layout and what pages you would like to include (i.e. ‘About our company”, “Our products and services”, etc..). After getting a general idea of what your website will consist of, we can provide you with an estimate of what the cost will be.