One of the many questions we are asked by our clients is, “How does a shopping cart work?” eCommerce is a widely used term for selling products or services online through a website, electronically. With the capability to take credit card payments online, just about anything can be sold on the web. More and more people are buying online and experiencing the benefits of online shopping for just about everything these days. Online stores are often able to reduce costs to the buyer because they are able to lower their own overhead costs such as those of operating a physical store. In a busy world like ours, convenience is key! Delivery times are so fast now that when an item is requested online it can often be at the consumer’s front door the next morning or at least within just a few days.

eCommerce websites are all different, but they all use the same basic functions. The ability to accept credit cards is very important. The payment does not actually process through your website due to the potential for security issues, rather, the payments are processed through a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a company that works with the credit card companies to be sure that all credit card transactions are processed securely to prevent fraud. You must have an account set up with a payment gateway (we’ll show you how to do this) in order to accept credit cards on your site. Although your orders will be pushed through a payment gateway, your clients will never know or be directed away from your site. Your customer’s orders and credit card information will be fully secure, making scams nearly impossible. When an order is processed the money will be moved directly into your businesses’ banking account automatically.

When an order is placed, the client’s purchase and order details will come into your administration area. You will sign in with your login credentials to view the information. Through the administration area you will also be able to add new items, upgrade items, and maintain your whole ecommerce shopping cart.