How much does Website Maintenance Service cost?

At WebLadyBug, you will have long-term webpage support without having to pay a long-term maintenance fee – unless you WANT to that is. For those who don’t believe they will need a lot of website changes you can opt out of a maintenance contract but for those who know they will need it, we have a plan that is right for you. No Mandatory Monthly Web Maintenance Fees.

Some web design firms charge a high MANDATORY monthly maintenance fee but we feel that this isn’t right for everyone. Our websites are built on an easy to use platform so you can make many of the edits yourself. For those who prefer to leave the updates to the experts, we do provide Website Maintenance Service. We can do a monthly agreement where you have a certain number of hours available or you can just pay our normal hourly rate if you just want to call every now and again for assistance. If you need a modification on your website, all you have to do is call or send email. We’ll make the change for you and then you’ll receive a bill based on our affordable hourly rate for the work we did.

This method of maintenance works well for many websites since they don’t require many changes. For those who would prefer a website maintenance service contract, speak to one of our representatives for pricing..

So if you need to modify your website, just call 954-323-6737 or send email and we’ll be happy to make a change for you.