Graphic Design and Printing Fort Lauderdale

Brochures, Post Cards, Business Cards, Flyers

Good printing starts with good design. Our design team has created over 2,000 custom logos, designed hundreds of ads, branded collateral & whipped out brochures, post cards, business cards, flyers… even beach balls. We turn what’s in your head, into print… painlessly.

Custom Print Work

Our prints stand out from all the rest. We design the one business card people can’t throw away. Special stock, special coating, & even an occasional Pantone ink. It’s a myth that good printing costs an arm & a leg.

Direct Mailing

Finding a list of names to mail is the easy part. Getting a powerful message, in the correct format, to their mailbox, takes real skills. BMG has experience with designing attention grabbing pieces. We understand consumer trending. (Oh, if you need a list, we can get that too!)

Layout & Pre-Press

We know what it takes to get a publication to press. We edit, design, layout, & print four monthly newspapers. We also have directories, catalogs & books under our belt too.

Political Campaigns

Yes, we may have been responsible for an election flyer (or two) in your mail box or hanging on your door. Sorry… but they paid us for it & besides it takes a lot of work to get all that information in a format you might just read. Or at least remember the candidate’s name.

Print Brokers

We have special press guys that give us incredible rates that we pass on to you. They don’t do retail & only talk to someone like us that speaks press/print. Yes, that’s right we do not get our hands all yucky.